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TFBA Constituton and ByLaws - October 20, 2014



Effective Upon Vote of Association on

October 20, 2014



The name of this body is the Three Forks Baptist Association, Incorporated. We are located at 304 Roy Campbell Drive, Hazard, Kentucky, to serve our affiliated churches in Leslie, Knott, Letcher and Perry counties.




Mission Statement:The Three Forks Baptist Association exists to assist its member churches to maximize their effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Motto: A family of churches on mission together.

Core Values: The following core values embody the recognition of the historic and continuing value of autonomous Southern Baptist churches voluntarily cooperating in order to do more for the Kingdom of God together than each could do on its own.


1.    Leadership Development: We value leaders. We believe that churches will be most effective when pastors and lay leadersdevelop their leadership and ministry skills to their fullest potential. We believe the success of churches depends heavily on quality, spiritual leadership.


2.    Missions: We value missions. We believe that churches should be committed to the Great Commission as given by Christ and that this commitment should be evidenced in giving to missions, praying for missions, and going on mission. The fulfillment of this value will often necessarily involve various forms of evangelism, witness, and ministry.


3.    Church Revitalization: We value church revitalization. We believe that existing churches that are experiencing difficult days or challenging ministry contexts can be reinvigorated with fresh purpose and vision.


4.    Church Planting: We value church planting. We believe that healthy churches should participate in starting new churches in places where they are needed, both locally, in Kentucky, throughout the United States, and overseas.


5.    Stewardship: We value financial cooperation. We believe that the churches of the Association can cumulatively make a greater impact on the advance of the gospel of Jesus Christ locally, in Kentucky, and in the nations through consistent

and sacrificial giving to the Association, through the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention, and through the annual seasonal mission offerings.




This Association affirms The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as our statement of faith.




Section 1. Member Churches. The Association is composed of messengers from affiliated churches which in their doctrine, polity, and practice show evidence of their cooperation through regular participation and support.

(A)Qualifications for Membership

Any church desiring membership in this Association shall make application in writing at least three (3) months before the Annual Meeting, furnishing satisfactory evidence of their adherence to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, their orderly practice, and their intention to participate and cooperate in the life of the Association.

(B)Acceptance Procedure

Following the church’s initial written application for membership, the Administrative Team and appropriate associational officers shall meet for consultation with the pastor and leaders of the applying church. The Administrative Team shall then report on their interview and recommend their acceptance to the Executive Team, which, upon approval, shall be presented to the Annual Meeting for approval. Churches shall be admitted to member status in the Association by a two-thirds majority vote of the messengers present. The Moderator shall declare the church received and her messengers shall be seated at the same meeting.

(C)Responsibilities and Duties of Membership

(1) Annual Church Profile: Churches shall submit their completed ACP [for the period of September 1 of the previous year through August 31 of the current year] to the associational Clerk no later than the last day of September prior to the Annual Meeting.


(2) Financial Obligations: Providing regular financial support is an expected and vital means of participating in the life of the association and cooperating with other churches in fulfilling the Great Commission. Each church freely determines the level of financial support it will provide.


(3) Fellowship: Each church is expected to conduct its benevolence, education, evangelism, ministry, and mission activities in ways that support and strengthen the fellowship, and cooperative work among our churches. However, participation at any level and in any activity is always voluntary. Any church may withdraw from the Association at its own discretion. A church that withdraws from membership in the Association may be reinstated only by applying for and meeting the qualifications as a new member church.  By a two-thirds majority of the voting members present, the Association may withdraw fellowship from any church that persists in some heretical teaching or disorderly action that has been determined by the Association to have produced both destructive and irreconcilable differences in the fellowship among the churches.


(4)  Termination of Membership: Any church not submitting its completed Annual Church Profile for a period of two successive years or not contributing financially to the work of the Association for a period of two successive years shall automatically be dropped from membership in this body. After one year of delinquency, the Administrative Team shall send a letter of notification and encouragement to said church. After the second year of delinquency, the Administrative Team shall notify said church of the termination of membership, and the process through which they may re-apply. 

Section 2: Messengers.
(A)Church Messengers

Annually, each church shall elect two messengers in addition to the Pastor to the Association for the first fifty resident members and one additional messenger for each additional fifty resident members or fraction thereof. There shall be a maximum of ten messengers per church, including the pastor. The following persons shall automatically be counted as messengers by virtue of their positions or offices: the Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, Director of Missions, and all team leaders.

(B)Eligibility of Messengers

All messengers to the Association must be active resident members in good standing with their church.

(C)Duties of Messengers

Messengers shall represent their respective churches at the Annual Meeting. Church-elected messengers or the pastor shall present to their church a report of the Annual Meeting.       




Section 1: Relationships with Churches


This Association is an autonomous, self-governing organization created by and for the cooperating Southern Baptist churches that compose it. This body also recognizes the autonomy of each affiliated church.


Section 2: Relationships with the Kentucky Baptist Convention


This Association relates to the Kentucky Baptist Convention (KBC) through its elected representative to the Kentucky Baptist Mission Board. This representative is chosen by the KBC Mission Board from a field of two persons nominated by this Association and serves for a three-year term.

The KBC also voluntarily provides partial salary support for this Association’s Director of Missions through the Missions Mobilization Department, but has no jurisdiction or authority over the DOM or this Association.


Section 3: Relationships with the Southern Baptist Convention


This Association has no formal relationships with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) or any of its agencies, though we recognize and affirm the mutual advantages of maintaining cooperative working relationships with the various agencies of the SBC. We gladly identify with the SBC as a denomination because of the common ties we share with other sister churches in our commitment to certain basic doctrinal distinctives and to the mission imperative as revealed in the Scriptures.


Section 4: Relationships with Other Baptist Associations


This Association has no formal relationships with any other Baptist association, as we affirm the autonomy of one another. We recognize and affirm the mutual advantages of participating in specific projects with other Baptist associations or with individual churches in other Baptist associations.


Section 5: Relationships with Other Groups/Entities


This Association is free to work cooperatively with individuals, community agencies, or other Christian churches and organizations to plan and conduct projects or ministries or non-denominational religious events that promote the general welfare of the people of this region. We may join together in various ministries in order to relieve human suffering while expressing the love of God and the concern of Christian people, and to seek to strengthen the evangelical Christian witness in this area.



Section 1: Organizational Structure

The Association shall be organized as follows in order to accomplish its tasks:


(A)The Annual Meeting is comprised of all duly elected messengers to the Association.  


(B)The Executive Team consists of the associational officers and staff, as well as leaders of the following ministry teams: Leadership Development, Missions, Church Revitalization, Church Planting, Stewardship, and Administrative.


(C)The Officers elected by the Association, consisting of Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk, and Treasurer. The officers shall serve as the Trustees of the Association.


(D)The Associational Staff employed by the Association, consisting of the Director of Missions and Ministry Assistant.


(E)Duties and responsibilities of personnel are listed in the By-Laws, Article III


Section 2: Government and Authority                                                              

(A)Annual Meeting

The messengers that compose the Annual Meeting are responsible to govern this Association through making decisions of a fundamental, policy, or strategic nature. Business conducted at the Annual Meeting shall include, but not be limited to, election of officers, adoption of the Association’s budget for the coming year, voting on churches requesting membership, and ministry team reports. Furthermore these meetings will have major components involving worship, preaching, and fellowship.

(B)Executive Team

The Executive Team shall consist of all leaders of the Ministry Teams, plus the associational officers and staff, and shall serve as the associationad interim. This team shall exercise all the authority vested in the Association.

(C)Ministry Teams

The Ministry Teams shall each consist of a designated team leader and a minimum of three team members to adequately project, promote, and oversee the achievement of their team’s goals and objectives. The team members shall be nominated by the Team Leader and then voted on for approval by the Executive Team. Their respective areas of concern and responsibility shall be Leadership Development, Missions, Church Revitalization, Church Planting, Stewardship, and Administration.

(D)Elected Officers

The Elected Officers of the Association shall possess the authority commensurate with their duties and responsibilities.

(E)Associational Staff

The Associational Staff shall possess the authority commensurate with their duties and responsibilities.

Section 3: Meetings
(A)Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting shall occur on the third Monday of October at an agreed upon time and place. This meeting shall be announced annually in a calendar of activities.

(B)Executive Team

The Executive Team (ET) shall hold a minimum of 6 meetings per year, with additional meetings called as needed. The regular meetings will be held in the months of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, and Nov). These meetings arefor the achievement of the Association’s goals and objectives, and will be held at an agreed upon time and place. These meetings, as far as practical, shall be announced annually in a calendar of activities. The ET shall have power to change the stated time and/or place of regular meetings and to call any special meetings of the Association. Notice of any change of meeting date, time, or location must be given to participating churches at least ten days prior to the meeting along with the stated purpose of the meeting. Any pastor or member in good standing of any TFBA church may attend ET meetings as a non-voting guest. 

(C)Ministry Teams

The leaders and members of each Ministry Team (ARTICLE VI, Section 1, (B), shall plan and conduct such meetings as are necessary to the achievement of that team’s goals and objectives.


Duly elected messengers, officers, and/or staff in attendance at any meetings of the Association shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.



(A)Election and Tenure

The officers of the Three Forks Baptist Association shall be the Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk, and Treasurer. Each of these shall be elected at the Annual Meeting. Nominations for these officers shall be submitted by the Administrative Team, and additional nominations for any of these may be offered from the floor. All nominees must be asked, be willing to serve, and be capable of carrying out the duties of the office before being nominated. The elected officers shall assume their duties immediately following the Annual Meeting and shall serve through the close of the next Annual Meeting.


The Moderator is eligible to serve a maximum of two terms. He may serve again as either the Moderator or Vice-Moderator after a period of one year has passed. The Clerk and Treasurer may be elected to succeed themselves without limit as to the number of terms.


If a vacancy should occur in any of these offices, upon nomination by the Administrative Team, the Executive Team shall elect a nominee to fill the unexpired term.


            Only persons from churches affiliated with the Association, including recognized

            mission churches, are eligible to serve as officers of the Association.


Any officer or leader elected or appointed by the Association may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Team, whenever in its judgment the best interests of the Association would be served. In such a case, advance notice of no less than ten days must be given with the purpose of the meeting clearly stated in that notice.




(1) To preside at all meetings of the Association; to keep order; and to guide voting on all matters properly brought to the floor.

(2) To serve as Chairperson of the Executive Team and preside over the deliberations of that body.

(3) To appoint individuals or groups for tasks as authorized by the Association or the Executive Team.

(4) To serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of all Association and Leadership Teams.

(5) To serve as a member of the Administrative Team.

(6) To serve as President of the Corporation and chairperson of the Trustees.


(1) To perform all duties and responsibilities of the Moderator in the absence of the Moderator, and to preside over the deliberations of the Association when requested by the Moderator.

(2) To serve as Vice-Chair of the Executive Team; to perform all the duties and responsibilities of that office in the absence of the Chairperson, and to preside over that body at the request of the Chairperson.

(3) To serve as a member of the Administrative Team.
(4) To serve as Vice-President of the Corporation.

(1) To make and keep an accurate record of all minutes of the Association, and to keep or cause to be kept in a safe place a cumulative file of such records.

(2) To serve as Secretary of the Executive Team and to perform all the duties and responsibilities related to that office.

(3) To distribute the Annual Church Profile (ACP) forms to the respective member churches and missions of the Association, and be responsible for seeing that they are collected, compiled, and included in the statistical tables of the Association’s Annual Report. Copies of ACP will also be sent to KBC.

(4) To coordinate the registration of messengers to the Annual Meeting of the Association.

(5) To prepare and provide for the printing of the Association’s Annual Report.

(6) To serve as a member of the Administrative Team.
(7) To serve as Secretary of the Corporation.

(1) To receive and disburse all funds in keeping with the budget of the Association and to maintain accurate records of these transactions.

(2) To make regular reports to the Executive Team as well as monthly reports to the Administrative Team concerning these transactions and other matters related to the financial condition and fiscal actions of the Association.

(3) To work with the Administrative Team to recommend and establish fiscal policies.

(4) To serve as one of the persons authorized to sign checks and withdrawals in the name of the Association.

(5) To serve as a member of the Administrative Team.
(6) To serve as Treasurer of the Corporation.


(A)Director of Missions (DOM)
(1) General

The DOM of Three Forks Baptist Association shall provide responsible leadership in the work of the Association through the basic functions of administration and leadership; counsel to pastors, church staff, and other church leaders; interpretation and communication of information; and effective public relations. He shall cooperate with and help lead the churches of the Association in developing their maximum efficiency and effectiveness. He shall work in cooperation with the KBC and the SBC in fulfilling his responsibilities.

(2) Qualifications

Calling: Called of God to this position.

Character: A Christian of unquestionable integrity and character.

Education: Attainment of education level to allow him to carry out duties of

 the position (preferably college and seminary degrees).

Maturity: A leader capable of making mature judgments; cooperative in spirit

                                    in carrying out the work of the Association.

Experience: Possess a working knowledge of associational work, administrative experience, and ability to implement a mission strategy.

Doctrine: Possess basic Baptist convictions and holds to historic Baptist

                  beliefs as outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

(3) Responsibilities

(a) Provide leadership and managerial guidance to all aspects of the Association including leadership development, training, and sharing of resources.

(b) Supervise the work of the office personnel, including all aspects of communication between the Associational Office and the churches of the Association.

(c) Direct the process of restructuring the Association as needed in assuring maximum effectiveness.

(d) Communicate to churches and leaders the purpose, vision, and mission of the Association.

(e) Along with the appropriate associational leadership, annually evaluate the Association’s strategic plan.

(f) He shall serve as leader of the Administrative Team.

Mission Strategy:

(a) Lead the Association in developing a comprehensive mission strategy to fulfill the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) and a multi-level mission involvement based on Acts 1:8.

(b) Guide the mission leaders of the Association in planning, conducting, and evaluating mission projects.

(c) Promote and support regular mission conferences in the Association.

(d) Participate in and give leadership to mission projects and trips in partnership with IMB, NAMB, and KBC along with associational personnel.


Ministry to Churches and Leaders:

(a) Serve as spiritual counselor, mentor, and encourager to pastors, church staff, and other leaders.

(b) Be available to serve as pulpit supply or interim pastor as needed.

(c) When requested, provide counsel, guidance, and encouragement to congregations, committees, and individuals—this may involve working with search committees and/or helping mediate in times of conflict.

(d) Visit each church in the Association regularly.

(4) Personnel Policies
(a) The DOM shall have up tothree weeks paid vacation per year.

(b) He may participate in two revivals, conferences, etc, per year outside the Association and as many within the Association as he sees fit.

(c) Insofar as reasonable, he shall maintain regular office hours.

(d) He shall work a minimum of 25 hours per week.

(e) He shall be available to the churches of the Association to serve in the role of pulpit supply or interim pastor, recognizing that his responsibilities as DOM of the Association have priority. If it becomes necessary for his tenure as interim pastor to extend more than three months, he must seek the approval of the Administrative Team.

(f)    He shall attend work-related conferences or conventions and shall be reimbursed for expenses as needed. If he desires, he may pursue opportunities for continuing education as his schedule permits, with the approval of the Administrative Team.

(g) He shall be free to observe the following paid holidays (with the Associational Office closed): Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving (2 days).

(h) Personal days shall include one day per calendar month. Any personal days not used within the current calendar year will expire. Sick Leave shall be allowed as needed. If the Sick Leave is of an extended nature, the Administrative Team will oversee the Sick Leave.

(i)    Funeral leave shall be three days in case of death of an immediate family member (parents, grandparents, children, spouse, siblings, in-laws). More than three days shall require approval of the Administrative Team, or Moderator/Vice-Moderator.

(j)    He shall submit an annual Statistical Report to the Administrative Team, which shall also be published in the Book of Annual Reports

(k) The Administrative Team shall conduct an annual review of the DOM’s work and salary package and shall make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Team or the Association at large.

(B)Ministry Assistant (MA)
(1) Qualifications
(a) A member in good standing of a Three Forks Baptist Association church.
(b) Agree with the mission and vision of the TFBA.

(c) Possess good verbal and written communication skills.

(d) Have a working knowledge of computer software required for the office functions.

(e) Have a working knowledge of general office equipment.

(f)    A willingness to learn.

(g) Ability to maintain confidentiality.

(h) Ability to receive persons cordially and warmly in the office and on the telephone.

(i)    Good organizational skills.

(j)    Ability to present a Christian testimony in speech, conduct, and character both in and out of the office.

(2) Responsibilities and Duties

(a) The MA shall be recruited by the DOM in consultation and with the approval of the Administrative Team.

(b) The principal function of the MA is to perform the administrative tasks related to the proper functioning and procedures within the Associational Office and in support of the work of the DOM.

(c) Assist the DOM in resourcing the ministry teams as requested.

(d) Be responsible for producing the Association’s newsletter.

(e) Be responsible for maintaining the Association’s media resources.

(f)    Be responsible for maintaining and publishing the Association’s calendar (as prepared by the Administrative Team), maintaining the Association’s website, and maintaining all Associational files.

(g) Be responsible for overseeing the maintenance of all office equipment in the Associational Office.

(h) Assist with processing/expediting telephone calls, visitors, and the lending of media resources.

(i)    Be responsible for purchasing office supplies as needed for the Associational Office or as requested by the DOM.

(j)    Assist the Associational Treasurer as directed by the DOM.

(k) Perform other tasks as requested/directed by the DOM.

(3) Personnel Policies
(a) Work 20 hours per week.
(b) Two weeks paid vacation per year

(c) Paid holidays shall include Christmas Eve—New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving (2 days).

(d) Personal days shall include one day per calendar month. Any personal days not used within the current calendar year will expire. Sick days shall be allowed as needed and as approved by the DOM. If the DOM is not available or if the Sick Leave is of an extended nature, the Administrative Team will oversee the Sick Leave.

(e) All time off must be approved by DOM at least two weeks in advance, except in cases of extenuating circumstances at which time it shall be left to the discretion of the DOM.

(f)    Funeral leave shall be three days in case of death of an immediate family member (parents, grandparents, children, spouse, siblings, in-laws). More than three days shall require approval of the DOM.

(g) Jury duty shall be considered paid time.

(h) The MA may not serve as a member of the Administrative Team, but may be requested to attend meetings at the discretion of the DOM. The MA may be a member of any other Ministry Team on personal time as he/she feels led by God.

(i)    A yearly review/evaluation, based on this job description, will be conducted with the MA by the DOM in consultation with the Administrative Team.

C. Missions & Ministry Catalyst
(a) Calling of God to serve in this role.

(b) Experience in engaging and preparing mission teams for various kinds of missions and ministry projects.

(c) Willingness and physical ability to serve in situations requiring hands-on involvement.

(d) Be self-funded

(a) Recruit and encourage mission teams to come to our area to serve along with our TFBA churches. Facilitate & coordinate the work of these teams.

(b) Work with pastors and churches in hosting and coordinating work of mission teams in/with their churches.

(c) Work with the DOM and churches in coordinating and supplying teams from our Association in partnering with KBC, NAMB, and IMB.

(d) Travel with mission teams to other areas, insofar as possible, to participate, lead, or coordinate mission endeavors.

(e) Assist the DOM and pastors in equipping church members for missions and ministry projects.

(f)    Work with DOM and church planters to discover ways for TFBA churches to assist and encourage new church plants.

(g) Serve as Team Leader for Missions Ministry Team and as a member of the Executive Team.

(h) Submit monthly report of Mission Team involvement to Executive Team.

(i)    Serve under the supervision of the DOM.

Personnel Policies
(a) Serve a minimum of 20 hours per week.

(b) Be self-funded, but with reimbursable expenses for ministry.



(A)Leadership Development Team

This team will assist and encourage church leaders to grow in their relationship with the Lord and in their leadership skills for their specific areas of ministry. The Team will provide relevant personnel, material, and training resources for pastors and other leaders to assist in the overall health and growth of churches. This team will also seek to facilitate support networks and professional development as well as emotional and spiritual health for pastors, ministry staff and leaders, and their wives and families. Team members may be chosen from the Association.

(B)Missions Team

This team will help coordinate, engage, and prepare individuals and teams from Association churches to participate in mission and ministry projects in our immediate area, in Kentucky, in our nation, and in other nations of the world. This team will also help churches in our Association be prepared to receive and work together with individuals and teams from other areas who are called and equipped to meet mission and ministry needs within our own area. The team leader will lead this team to facilitate the networking of local churches in meeting community needs locally, nationally, and internationally. The team’s focus is to be an instrument for bringing together the resources, gifts, and talents to be used for the expansion of God’s Kingdom as members of the body of Christ are mobilized to serve. The team will work to encourage churches to support the seasonal mission offerings of the denomination.


The Team Leader shall be the Association’s Missions and Ministry Catalyst. Three entities within the Association will automatically be represented on this

            team by virtue of their mission orientation: Women’s Missionary Union (WMU),

            Baptist Men, and Disaster Relief. Other team members may be chosen from the

(C)Church Revitalization Team

This team will encourage and assist churches in the process of reversing trends of decline to help them become healthy congregations that are evidencing spiritual growth and numerical growth. This team will come alongside churches that agree to participate in a revitalization process, working with the church’s core organizations and leadership to help them develop a new vision and strategy that will lead to revitalization. Team members may be chosen from the Association.

(D)Church Planting Team

This team will encourage and assist existing churches to facilitate the starting of new churches. They will identify areas within the Association where new church plants are needed and help the planting church(es) to coordinate strategy, prayer, personnel, and financial resources in the initiation and growth of these new churches. Team members may be chosen from the Association.

(E)Stewardship Team

This team will encourage the churches to increase giving financial resources to the Cooperative Program of the SBC, the seasonal mission offerings of the denomination and other specially designated offerings, and regular contributions to the Association. Team members may be chosen from the Association.

(F) Administrative Team
(1) Team Members

The Administrative Team will consist of the Director of Missions (non-voting Ex-Officio member), Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, and six members elected from the Association at large. These at-large members shall be elected to serve for a period of two years on a rotating basis with terms ending on alternate years. At the end of their tenure, they shall not be able to serve again until a period of at least one year has elapsed. The Director of Missions will serve as Leader of this team. In his absence the Moderator will serve as Leader.

(2) Duties and Responsibilities

The Administrative Team is directly responsible to the Executive Team and ultimately to the Association. This team will serve in an advisory role to the Director of Missions and to other staff members and office personnel. This team shall also help guide the Association in its day-to-day operations, including areas of finance, personnel, property/grounds, nominations, credentials, communications, and planning of the Annual Meeting. A minimum of 6 meetings per year will be held, with additional meetings called as needed. The regular meetings will be held in the months of: Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, and Dec. Specific duties include the following:

(a) Prepare the proposed budget for the coming year for presentation at the Annual Meeting.

(b) Oversee all budget and personnel needs of the Association; be responsible for personnel policies and any proposed updates or amendments to the

Constitution, By-Laws, or other documents. Approval of said changes shall follow the procedures outlined in each document.

(c) Determine the time, place, preacher(s) and program/agenda for the Annual Meetings of the Association and plan any special meetings of the Association to be held during the year.

(d) Serve as the credentials committee, receiving documents of churches that apply for membership and conducting interviews with those churches’ leaders as needed during the application process.

(e) Serve as the nominating committee, presenting to the Annual Meeting the slate of new nominees for the following positions: Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Ministry Team Leaders, at-large members of the Administrative Team, nominees for the KBC Mission Board, and any vacancies which may have occurred.

(f)    Prepare a yearly calendar including associational, KBC, and SBC events, in consultation with the various teams and Association Staff.

(g) Provide guidance to various entities within the Association concerning events and/or opportunities designed to promote the general welfare of the people of

this region, and the possibility of cooperation with individuals, community agencies, or other Christian churches or organizations in those endeavors.

(h) Responsible for facilitating termination process of member churches when applicable (see Constitution, Article IV, Section 1, C, 4)

(i)    Arrange for an annual audit of the Treasurer’s books at the expense of the Association.

(G)Team Leader Duties

                 The duties of each of the six Ministry Teams shall be similar with specific and

                 particular responsibilities related to the ministry area of each respective team.

(a) Serve on the Executive Team.

(b) Lead the team in projecting and planning the work for each respective ministry area.

(c) Work within Association guidelines and policies on all ministry projects.

(d) Present nominations for a minimum of three (3) team members to the Executive Team.

(e) Lead team to develop goals and set priorities in their respective area as the Lord may lead.

(f)    Plan and conduct team meetings as necessary to fulfill their ministry.

(g) Keep written records of each team meeting and file reports of those meetings in the Associational Office.

(h) Present an annual budget request to the Administrative Team with plans and details enumerated insofar as practical. The Administrative Team will consider the request in light of the Association’s priorities, other requests, budget receipts, etc., and will formulate a composite budget proposal for the Annual Meeting.

(i)    Keep appropriate records, receipts, etc., of all financial transactions.

(j)    Present a report of the team’s ministry activities and progress toward the set goals to the Leadership Team at its regularly monthly meetings.




Robert’s Rules of Order, as revised, shall govern questions of parliamentary procedure for the association in session and the Leadership Team. The Administrative Team shall designate a Parliamentarian for the Annual Meeting.


This Constitution may be altered or amended by consent of two-thirds majority of the messengers present at the Annual Meeting, provided that three months written notice of the proposed change has been given to all member churches.